William Miller

William C. Miller embarked on his journey into the realm of martial arts and wellness during his teenage years in Detroit, Michigan. In his early adolescence, Coach Will delved into the study of martial arts, beginning with Tang Soo Do and Western Boxing. Simultaneously, he initiated his fitness journey at the renowned Powerhouse Gym. Driven by enthusiasm and a thirst for knowledge, Will found himself embraced by the bodybuilding hierarchy at Powerhouse, absorbing wisdom from elite bodybuilders and trainers like a sponge.

As Coach Will’s passion for martial arts and bodybuilding blossomed, he ventured into competitive arenas, participating in martial art tournaments and teen bodybuilding competitions. This fervor propelled him to explore various martial arts disciplines, eventually leading him on immersive training experiences in China and Thailand. 


Muay Thai and Chen Tai Chi emerged as focal points, each resonating with Coach Will’s warrior spirit in distinct ways. Thai boxing showcased its effectiveness and power in the competitive realm of full-contact bouts, while Tai Chi offered mind-body benefits for overall wellness, rejuvenation, and mindfulness.


The early mentorship from martial arts instructors and bodybuilders instilled in Will the values of discipline, commitment, consistency, and the profound positive impact that others can have on one’s life. It is from this culmination of experiences that Coach Will has synthesized key components of his training, creating a model for transformation and self-development practice.

Coaching others is a deeply affirming process for Coach Will, witnessing the profound transformation of individuals involved. His desire to see others benefit from the knowledge and passion surrounding self-growth forms the foundation of his service. This commitment reflects not only a professional endeavor but a genuine dedication to uplifting and empowering those he guides on their transformative journeys.


Team Cannon Fist

Our team of positive and supportive fitness enthusiasts are all about getting better together. Some will encourage you to push yourself, bang the bags and improve your technique, while others will remind you to stretch, relax and breathe deeply, but everyone will be assisting and offering support to help you reach your goals. We may have different goals for our training, but all have the desire to improve and be our best version. Our gym culture is about building each other up, getting the most out of each session and sustained growth.